Whether you are a CEO with an Executive Protection Team (EPT) or you’re a member of that team, you should have an interest in the training plan of that team.   

If you’re the CEO you may wonder how much training your team may need.  After all you hired competent and qualified individuals, right?  If your a member of the team you may wonder how much training is enough training?

 Well let’s address both.  If you’re the principle and you or your company have hired a team for your protection that says something in itself.  But the fact that you have hired experienced and highly qualified personnel does not mean their skill sets are not perishable.  These men and women need to practice, hone and improve their skills just as anyone else in any other skilled profession.  The only difference is their skill sets keep you alive.  

 So, we have established that yes, they do have to train to keep the skills sharp and up to date.  So now the question, how often should they train?

 Well to answer that you have to understand the job skills.  These teams are doing advance work, conducting intelligence gathering, pre-operational preparation, and other various duties as a workup to the actual event or outing.  Those skills can be honed in the office or through advances in technology and fairly easily available methods.  Other than the “soft skill sets” you have your Core Skills which would be firearms, Defensive Tactics, Surveillance Detection/Identifying Behavioral Indicators, Tactics and Fitness.

 These Core skills take continuous and repetitive training and honing to stay proficient and fluid.  So how much is enough?  There isn’t an easy answer.  It will depend on the team’s opportunity to train (full time EPT or part time), budget, availability of qualified places and instructors to train them.  

It’s ultimately up to the consensus of the team leader and the “powers that be” in the company that is too often driven by budget.  Personally, if my life is in a Teams hands I want them training a minimum of 8 hrs. a month, but ideally 24hrs or more a month.  


These are lifesaving skills that require attention.  This is a budget item that only takes one use to be completely worth it!


Be Good,