Testimonials & Resources


“Joe is a great guy and I would go into battle with him anytime – any place!”
Ron Plunkett, MA, CMI, Dojo-Cho, Desert Dojo Martial arts

“I had an opportunity to work with Joe on several occasions. I was impressed with his work ethic and professionalism. Joe Bezotte is a well rounded security professional, who has excellent threat oriented thinking, passion for his job and commitment to accomplish any given task in a timely manner. I would recommend Joe Bezotte to anyone who is looking for a security expert.”

Michael Rozin – President at Rozin Security Consulting

“In my 25 years of law enforcement experience with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and Department of Homeland Security, I’ve had to defend myself from violent convicts and offenders, subjects amped up on narcotics and alcohol, and the mentally disturbed. I have the scars to prove it. In 2000, I was trained in the CORE program and can attest to its effectiveness. Plain and simple, it works. The CORE program is a proven method to defend yourself against the initial attack so you can continue to fight or safely escape. If you haven’t been accosted yet in your life, your time is running out. It’s going to happen.”

Officer Peter Tozer
Dept. of Homeland Security

“Joe Bezotte is one of the most trustworthy, hardworking, and honest people that I have had the honor of working with. He has a dedication and work ethic that is unsurpassed by any other. If you are looking for a true professional with determination and drive — Joe is the person you need on your team. He is a must hire.”

Jerry Elvrum, Director, GSC Logistis, Cintas

“Hands down, without any doubt, when standing toe-to-toe with a bad-guy you want to have been trained in Joe’s CORE program! Close quarter, hand to hand combat training that you can actually use every-day in law enforcement duties and not end up with time on the street. I have personally used the system for over ten years now as a Special Operation Response Team Leader and cannot recommend it more highly. Do yourself a favor get this training, go home safely every night ladies and gentlemen, you won’t regret it. “

The Sheepdog
Michael Houlihan, Federal Bureau Of Prisons

“Joes task was to consult on security matters at the church I pastor. He examined every facet of potential security concern. Joe presented his findings in a clear and directive manner. He gave multiple solutions for potential security problems that allowed us to weigh urgency against cost. I highly recommend Joe for any security needs you may have.”

Per Nilsen – Lead Pastor at Community Of Hope

“I have had the opportunity to work with Joe in a series of pre-planning exercises and risk management/mitigation and response scenarios. Joe is a very capable security expert who understands mitigation, preparedness and response.”

Ken Prillaman
Fire Chief, Fire Marshal & Emergency Management Director at City of Brooklyn Park