27 Nov 2016
November 27, 2016

Talking Airplaine Etiquette 2017

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As an experienced traveler I see both sides of this issue. I see the road warrior who is frustrated with the novice and I see the novice who, perhaps by no fault of their own, are unaware of the do’s and dont’s of airplane travel.

For brevity we will stick to 4 areas of concern:
Boarding –
Deplaning –
Luggage –
Seat Etiquette


Ok, we all know almost everyone is a Platinum/Diamond/Uranium level flyer. But there is simply no need to crowd the line like a herd of steer trying to squeeze through a doughnut hole. When people do this you crowd the area and make it very difficult for pre boarding passengers (wheelchairs, parents with children etc) to get through. And listen, we all know we are all very rare and delicate flowers but don’t show up 2 minutes before boarding and cut in front of other “superclass” waiting to board. It’s just rude. And if your holding a coach class or equivalent ticket please wait until the appropriate cabin is called.


Your luxurious flight is over, time to get off this contraption. I have to address this as it is one of my biggest pet peeves but I hope it doesn’t offend anyone and it’s about all those who pre boarded the flight. Those who pre boarded did so, or were allowed to do so, because they “need extra time”. Doesn’t it make sense they will “need extra time” to deplane? Listen, we are all just as important as the other but if you pre boarded and, say need a wheelchair or assistance getting off the plane, or if you have small children and a crap load of luggage (I’ve been there) please wait for others to deplane first. Otherwise, everyone on the plane must essentially wait the extra time you needed to board the plane.


Not talking about the rules and regulations set by particular airlines but rather placing luggage on the plane in overheads/underneath seats. All I ask is that we all place our luggage in the appropriate spot near your seat or as otherwise directed by the flight crew. Please don’t put your luggage 10 seats forward if your actual seat so you can “get it on the way out”. That’s someone else’s space and causes a chain reaction of misplaced luggage that then needs to reacquired at the end of the flight. Sometimes this means someone going “backwards” to get their bags because yours was in their spot. This causes delays for everyone.  Another note on luggage is to be prepared.  Be prepared to move off the aircraft when it’s possible.  When you have landed, are at the jetbridge, are awaiting the door to open….don’t be distracted by your phone, conversation, what other people may or may not be doing…be ready to move!  Get your luggage down from the overhead, out from under the seats.  Simply be prepared.

Seat etiquette

Ok, let’s start with the “Catapult”. When you start to get up out of your seat to go to the lavatory or stretch out please don’t reach up on the seat in front of you and “launch” yourself up and into the aisle. This can get very annoying for the person sitting in front of you.

If your going to take your shoes off that’s fine. Just be aware of your current “odor” status. Also, if you have to go to the lavatory PLEASE put your shoes back on! If you havent taken a good look at a lavatory floor during a flight, trust me, you don’t want to wade into that without shoes.

Extracting yourself from a window seat to use the lavatory is another feat. This is inevitable really so all we can ask is that you please pick up your drink before stepping out. While I applause your desire to attempt a “slide by” of your wine glass or Bloody Mary to get out, it’s my experience it will fail 5 out of 10 times. So if you do spill the drink, which will more than likely be in your seat mates seat, offer to help clean it up. Because trust me, if you don’t and your flying next to me, I will switch those seat bottoms before you get back and not warn you before you sit down;)

It all boils down to respecting others and treat others like you want to be treated.  We are all in this together…at least for a couple hours or so, so let’s get along shall we!