Core Combatives Program

CSC provides Defensive Tactics training to L.E, combative training to military units and detention/mitigation to security personnel through the CORE program.

Personal Preservation Course

This 8 hour course is designed for individuals who live in, or are employed in, a high risk environment or are travelling overseas to a high risk environment and require the extra practical skill for their own personal preservation and security.

Clients will learn how to deal with violent or passive aggressive behavior, remove themselves from a hostile situation and increase their chance of survival. We also address extraordinary circumstances that may arise, such as appropriate behavior in being assaulted, kidnapped and being held hostage.

Much of this training is focused on teaching how to read behavioral indicators, understanding situational awareness and of course physical tactics.

Core Close Protection Program for Executive Protection Teams

We have several modules of training such as Mission Fitness, Close Protection Physical Tactics and Mission Training which equips and prepares team members in all aspects of close protection a program to meet your teams needs that will be based on real world experience and proven methods.

CORE Concepts for First Responders

This course is tailored to help prepare Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, School Administrators, or any non law enforcement personnel who may be responsible for responding to an emergency where assaultive behavior may be encountered or self defense may be required.

1441 Tactics Program

This program is specifically designed to address the needs of security teams assigned to places of worship.
Psalm 144:1 reads “Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle”
The principles, fundamentals and tactics taught in this course address unique issues and provide solutions to numerous areas of concern. Some of the things addressed in this course are:
– Use of force policy, procedure and law.

– Situational Awareness and Beahioral Indicators

– De-escalation Tactics

– Mental mindset

– Understanding principles of criminal behavior

– Physical Tactics

– Individual and team tactics

Domestic and International Security Awareness Training (DISAT)

This course prepares those who are going to be traveling overseas or to areas of the country they are not familiar with.  People who attend this class are looking to be informed about the area, learn about situational awareness and learn some defensive tactics.  This is either a one day, 8hr course or a mini 4hr course.  Each of these will ensure you are confident about your travel security preparedness.


For the last few months we have been working with Kingswood Security Consulting and LivingwaterMn to form a strategic partnership to build a security seminar for first responders. The three companies are in the final stages of developing a safety and security seminar that will cover four different aspects of safety. We have named the training P.A.C.T Professional Advanced Crisis Training. More news as we get close to release, in the meantime check back again soon.