20 Nov 2016
November 20, 2016

Mental Mindset

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Joe Core Security Consulting

Mental Mindset (aggressive, going to fight until you win or your threat is negated)

Game plan? Are you going to strike then run? Are there multiple opponents? Which one are you going after first?

Method? How are you going to effect your assault? What techniques or principles are you planning to rely on?

Weapons? Do you have weapons available? If not traditional then maybe makeshift?

Having the “proper” mindset is essential. Without that your game plan, method, technique will not matter or weapons will not matter.


How do you develop this all important mindset? Training is critical. The more you train in reality based scenarios and have actual contact when practicing your skills the better mentally prepared you will be. You also need to develop a trigger. What memory or person or thought will make you fight harder, last longer and never quit? For me it’s family.
For instance, when I go for a run I like to finish as strong as possible. What I imagine is someone going after one of my kids to harm them. NOTHING makes me run faster to get there to save them. Another important point of this is to always have a positive result. For instance I am always quick enough to save them. Why is this important? Because if you think “dang, that wasn’t quick enough” or “that wasn’t hard enough” then you are providing negative feedback to your efforts and when things really DO get bad, that “trigger” will not be effective.
So go out and train, train hard, train right and train often!

– Joe