01 Feb 2017
February 1, 2017

Individual Movement

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Navigating through crowds

With the current climate in the united states you may find yourself inadvertently in a demonstration, unruly crowd or other large group gathering. This could happen when you’re going to the mall, to the airport, to city hall or any variety of places. So how does one maneuver through this type of mass unscathed? Well it’s not easy and there is no perfect answer, but what we can do is prepare and equip ourselves with some knowledge and tactics that can help.

There are numerous scenarios this could be applied to but for sake of brevity we will tackle one which will have tactics that can be applied to several others.

So, let’s say you’re headed to the airport for a nice flight to the Bahamas (might as well make it somewhere nice, right?) when you are dropped off at the ticketing level you notice a large crowd has formed in protest of some type of event or cause. In these types of situations, it can be dangerous to move through this mass without injury as people are very animated and/or enraged. So how do we do it? First let’s take in the situation:

  • Are all doors blocked? Can I use an alternate door?

  • Is there easy access to the elevators or ways to perhaps enter through the baggage claim area? (alternate route)?

  • Are there police officers nearby, who are not dealing with the crowd, that can assist you?

If you must move through the crowd, first ensure you have your valuables, phones and etc. put away safely and securely. Zip all your pockets on your outer garments and ensure you don’t put anything in your back pocket that can be easily taken. If you have a carry on and its light enough to carry, carry it in front of your chest. Pulling the carry on behind you is very difficult in crowds and someone may grab it from you. When you move into the crowd move along the edge so you only have to part half the amount of people to get by. If you encounter someone that does not wish to move you can put your hand along the side of your head, covering yourself, with your elbow pointing in the direction you wish to go and simply walk with deliberate and conscious intent.

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