19 Nov 2016
November 19, 2016

First Responders Under Attack

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CORE Concepts for the First Responder (CCFRP)


Preparing The First Responder

Oct 4, 2016, Tulsa Ok, authorities arrested a man after he allegedly assaulted a firefighter with a flashlight while trying to enter a burning home. Dale Wayne Parsons, 48, reportedly struck the firefighter down with the flashlight to prevent him from entering the home.Drugs were said to be found inside the home.

Oct 26th, 2016, Macomb IL, a stabbing victim was arrested for aggravated battery after he hit a paramedic who was attempting to treat him.

These are the types of incidents occurring with ever increasing frequency, throughout the country. Our firefighters, Paramedics, EMT’s, Police Officers are being assaulted at an alarming rate.

Why is this happening?
I think it’s a combination of things. The short version would be that people, in general, seem to be increasingly entitled and do not fear any type of repercussion or consequence of their actions. This makes a first responders job extremely dangerous.

What do we do about it?
As a society we must hold those accountable by promoting legislature and passing laws that make this type of assault an extremely bad idea for the perpetrator(s). That is the long road we must take to changing the behavior.

Short term looks a little different. We, Core Security Consulting LLC, want to help responders on identifying, preventing and, if necessary, deal with that threat. We have created a course called Core Concepts for First Responders. This course is meant to help the first responder recognize pre-assault indicators, understand criminal mindset, recognize options and threat neutralizing tactics and techniques.

First responders are there to help, keep people safe, keep people alive. We want to help you do that.

Thank you to all first responders….Be safe out there.

Joe Bezotte
CEO/Lead Instructor
CORE Security Consulting LLC